Our Services

We will travel to the site and setup the lights temporarily at dusk.  This will allow you to see the dramatic lighting affects that can be achieved.

       Up-lighting refers to illuminating an object, area or surface from below.
       Also called back lighting, silhouetting is used to dramatize and interesting shaped object
Path Lighting
      Path lights are staggered around walkways to create pools of light and illuminate a safe
Step Lighting
      Lights can be used in masonry or wood construction. Fixtures are designed to safely  
       illuminate stairways and walkways. 
Wall Washing
       General illumination of a wall or surface. Create a soft wash of light.
       Emphasizes a textured surface by placing a light source within one foot of that surface.
Deck Lighting
      Mounted deck scones is placed on the wall above each step to illuminate safe entryway
       to the deck.